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20 najbogatijih nogometnih klubova u regiji

Tvrtka za financijske usluge Deloitte ponovno je objavila svoju Football Money ligu, koja je prikazala ogromne prihode najvećih europskih nogometnih klubova. Engleska Premier liga dominira na Deloitteovoj ljestvici s devet klubova koji su ušli u top 20, što je jedan manje od prošle godine. Tu su i četiri talijanska kluba, tri španjolska kluba, tri njemačka kluba i jedan francuski klub.

Deloitteovo izvješće navodi da su kombinirani prihodi svih klubova u top 20 u ovoj godini zabilježili rast od 6 posto, na vrtoglavih 8,3 milijarde eura (9,42 milijarde dolara), što je ujedno i novi svjetski rekord.

Također se i na sam vrh ljestvice popeo i jedan španjolski klub zamijenivši tako Manchester United koji je 2018. godine bio na vrhu.


20. West Ham United — €197.9 millijuna eura

20. West Ham United — €197.9 million ($224.5 million). West Ham did not compete in any UEFA competitions in 2018, so the bulk of the club's revenue profile (68%) was generated through broadcast deals.


19. Newcastle United —€201.5 millijuna eura

19. Newcastle United —€201.5 million ($228.6 million). The Magpies more than doubled their revenue from the previous year, up by €99.7 million ($113.2 million) from 2017.



18. AC Milan — €207.7 millijuna eura

18. AC Milan — €207.7 million ($235.6 million). The Italian club progressed to the Round of 16 stage in the UEFA Europa League, welcomed 51,472 fans on average to its home matches, and finished sixth in the Serie A.



17. Everton FC — €212.9 millijuna eura

17. Everton FC — €212.9 million ($241.4 million). The vast majority of the Premier League team's revenue (75%) came from broadcasting deals, helping offset the fact it was dumped out of the UEFA Europa League in the group stage.



16. FC Schalke 04 — €243.8 millijuna eura

16. FC Schalke 04 —€243.8 million ($276.5 million). The Bundesliga club gets 44% of its revenue (€105.8 million or $120.8 million) from commercial deals. The club's shirt sponsor is Gazprom.



15. AS Roma — €250 millijuna eura

15. AS Roma — €250 million ($283.6 million). The club welcomes 37,683 fans to every home match on average, thanks in part to a good season (it finished third in the Serie A and reached the UEFA Champions League semi-final).



14. Inter Milan — €280.8 millijuna eura

14. Inter Milan — €280.8 million ($318.5 million). The bulk of the Serie A club's revenue (53%) came from commercial deals including money banked from its technical kit supplier Nike and shirt sponsor Pirelli.



13. Atletico Madrid — €304.4 millijuna eura

13. Atletico Madrid — €304.4 million ($345.3 million). The third biggest club in Spain after FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Atletico continues to witness year-on-year revenue growth. It welcomes 55,477 fans on average to its home matches, finished second in La Liga, and won the UEFA Europa League.



11. Juventus FC — €394.9 millijuna eura

11. Juventus FC — €394.9 million ($447.7 million). Juventus is the most successful club in Italy in modern times. Last season, it won the Serie A league and reached the UEFA Champions League quarter-final. Though revenues dipped from €406 million ($460.25 million) in 2017, the club did sign Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer.



10. Tottenham Hotspur — €428.3 millijuna eura

10. Tottenham Hotspur — €428.3 million ($485.6 million). The north London club continues to see year-on-year revenue growth, thanks in large part to broadcasting deals which account for 53% of its 2018 revenue profile. Match day cash has jumped significantly in recent times because the team is temporarily housed in Wembley Stadium, meaning 70,642 fans on average have been watching Spurs live.



9. Arsenal FC — €439.2 millijuna eura

9. Arsenal FC — €439.2 million ($497.9 million). Revenues are down at the Gunners. This is because the club is no longer a UEFA Champions League staple, though it did reach the UEFA Europa League semi-final last year. It finished sixth in the Premier League.


8. Chelsea FC — €505.7 millijuna eura

8. Chelsea FC — €505.7 million ($573.1 million). The Premier League team has witnessed declining standards on the pitch in recent seasons (it finished fifth in the English division and only reached the UEFA Champions League Round of 16). However, it remains a commercial powerhouse thanks to lucrative contracts with Nike and Yokohama Tyres.


7. Liverpool FC — €513.7 millijuna eura

7. Liverpool FC — €513.7 million ($582.1 million). The Reds continue to improve things on the pitch thanks to Jurgen Klopp's wildly effective attacking approach, which saw the team reach the UEFA Champions League final.



6. Paris Saint-Germain — €541.7 millijuna eura

6. Paris Saint-Germain — €541.7 million ($614.13 million). The bulk of PSG's 2018 revenue profile came from commercial deals. Its two biggest contracts are with Nike (technical kit supplier) and Emirates (shirt sponsor). The team dominates Ligue 1, winning the French division last year, and is a UEFA Champions League staple.



5. Manchester City — €568.4 millijuna eura

5. Manchester City — €568.4 million ($644.4 million). Despite welcoming 54,054 fans on average to its home games, matchday revenue only makes up for 11% of the club's 2018 revenue profile, which instead relies on broadcasting deals and commercial contracts. Its technical kit supplier is Nike and shirt sponsor is Etihad Airways.


4. Bayern Munich — €629.2 millijuna eura

4. Bayern Munich — €629.2 million ($713.29 million). The Bundesliga giant won the German division in 2018 and reached the UEFA Champions League semi-final. 75,354 fans on average attend Bayern home matches.



3. Manchester United — €666 millijuna eura

3. Manchester United — €666 million ($755 million). The Red Devils remain the wealthiest club in England, despite getting knocked off their perch as 2018's richest club on the planet. The bulk of the club's 2018 revenue profile comes from its commercial deals — it has big contracts with Adidas, who supplies its kits, and Chevrolet, who sponsor its shirts.



2. FC Barcelona — €690.4 millijuna eura

2. FC Barcelona — €690.4 million ($782.71 million). The reigning La Liga champions continue to witness year-on-year revenue growth. Barcelona is well-supported around the planet, and has 102.7 million likes on Facebook, 63.8 million followers on Instagram, and 29 million followers on Twitter.



1. Real Madrid — €750.9 millijuna eura

1. Real Madrid — €750.9 million ($851.7 million). Unprecedented success in the UEFA Champions League can mean only one thing — unprecedented success in revenue. Real won its third successive Champions League trophy last season, helping bump earnings for the overall year. It is also the most followed club on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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